Iron Monkey

Hi all

Here’s a small anecdote from DC. I cannot remember the full deal, just my hand and the dialogue. It happened in our second match (vs. team Morse) trying to qualify for the last 64 teams in the Spingold.


Red vs. white, Martin (North) opens 1 and RHO (curly hippy guy) overcalls 2. I have no bid, so I pass and Martin reopens with a double. Now what? With a small sigh I bid 2 and that’s the end of the auction.

Curly hippy guy leads a small and I put my dummy down saying that in a pairs tournament (penalty)passing was a definite option.

Curly hippy guy: “Did you really want to penalize the iron monkey?”
Me: “I would have loved to pull out my whip and give you a good spanking”
Curly hippy guy: “The last time someone offered me that I had to pay for it!”

You can imagine that the kibitzers where all over the floor crying with laughter.

The result? Martin collected seven tricks for -100 when the opponents found their ruff. And would 2 have survived a spanking? I remember analyzing for down two.

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