Space Oddity

Hi all

David Bowie’s Space Oddity has been reworked to a children’s book. You can find it on Andrew Kolb’s website here. It really makes me tick, the lyrics and graphics blend extremely well. A job well done.

Update October 2, 2011: Lawyers got attracted from the significant exposure, smelling blood or money (or both), so a Cease & Desist was unavoidable. I guess one could google for “SpaceOddity_AndrewKolb.pdf”, you might find something wonderful.

Here’s me swinging from a tree somewhere on the Berkeley hills at sunset. Yihaa!

Spot the…

Hi all

My parents went to Australia for holidays. Here’s a picture of my mother, you can see she’s having big fun. I’m thinking of converting it into a lifesize poster for my livingroom, I like it that much.


Free Hugs

Hi all

Last week I took a stroll through the center of Utrecht. It was far from a special day, dry but not sunny, cold but not too cold for January, really nothing special at all. Then something remarkable caught my eye. Half a dozen people were carrying signs that said: “Free Hugs”.


Yes, you could get hugs for free there. Unknown people hugging random people on the street for fun.

Normally I avoid people carrying signs, either they want money from me, or something else that eventually leads to me giving money to someone else. This was so totally different it left me speechless. With a bright smile I approached one of the girls carrying the sign. Nice.