Up and down

Hi all

I’m doing fine. I’m pretty much a month ahead on schedule in my Oracle DBA course. But I’m not exactly impressed by the services of my school. Sure, they hand out free donuts on Thursdays. But the support they offer for my course is shallow. I have to do everything on my own, and I can better google my questions and problems than ask somebody there. I already have revised a bunch of their scripts, made suggestions and corrections on the materials. They should be paying me instead of the other way around. Meh!

I’ve seen some movies too recently:

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
More of the same. The story and plot have been traded for action, more action, even more action and stunning special FX. The air in the theater was so thick with the sacrificial theme it smothered me and my friends. If you like robot pornography though, this is a must see.

My first movie in 3D. I had some reservations regarding the extra glasses, but they were not a pain at all. Nice subtle jokes, and a lot of cool references really made my day. It was a heartwarming movie, Pixar has created an instant classic. For my Dutch friends, I hope the 3D experience gets across the ocean soon.

I’ll leave you with an only-in-America-experience. I bought a new toothbrush, a scented one “For a better brushing experience!”. Right! Now my morning ritual takes place in some minty vanilla meadow. Man, I need a coffee…

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