Snow in New York

Hi all

Last weekend Sanne and I were in New York after three weeks of visiting friends and family in The Netherlands. A late kind of honeymoon you could say. There was some delay and a lot of turbulence involved, so by the time we got to our hotel we just crashed. The jetlag had an upside when we woke up before sunrise so we had a whole day to visit The Big Apple. Just before we took a stroll through Central Park it started snowing. Beautiful. I think I counted several hundreds of grey, black and brown squirrels there. I love those little rodents, Sanne thinks I’m suffering from the "Chip-‘n-Dale"-syndrome.

The little snow had turned into a real blizzard later. So when we were waiting outside for the rush tickets to the Fuerzabruta-show, we felt like a popsicle. But the wait and cold were worth it, it was a spectacular show. All action took place in, around and above the audience. People running through walls, walking the walls Matrix-style, adrenalin pumping dancing and music. The part where scantily clad girls were jumping and playing around in a huge plastic pool just centimeters above our heads was just breathtaking.

Oh, and there was another thing that struck us. We saw several hundreds of New Yorkers without pants. They were just wearing their nicest pair of undies. Maybe it was some kind of flashmob, we don’t know. But I do know that looking at them made me even feel chillier. What can I say, I’m glad I’m back in 20°C California.

Next week I’ll play a sectional in Pleasanton. There must be some material to craft a bridge story from.

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  1. Hey Jannes,
    Ik dwarrel zo achteloos rond op je website en zie dat je m’n blog gelinkt hebt… how cute! Jammer dat ik jullie gemist heb in Nederland, maar als er ooit nog eens een momentje is dat jullie geen bezoekers uit Nederland over de vloer hebben, dan kom ik me in Californie graag laten volstoppen met eten haha. En m’n surfskills natuurlijk oefenen/aanleren/hard op m’n smoel gaan, voordat ik ten onder ga in een of andere Hawaiiaanse killer-wave.


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