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It has been a while ago I visited the theatres. The Piratebay together with a nice Kiss-divx player makes my home a perfect place to watch movies if I may say so myself.

I wanted to see Jumper. And my expectations were high enough to go watch it on the really big screen. The director (Doug Liman) has been involved in the Bourne-trilogy and I have enjoyed that series a lot. And a story about teleporting people gets my spirits high.

I’m not really fond of Hayden Christensen, I still think he was miscast as a jedi. And in Jumper again he’s cast as a smug, arrogant … well… fellow. He’s unable to summon any sympathy for him or his role. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad actor, he just doesn’t get cast very well.

The movie. The special effects and pictures of the most beautiful scenery around the world (e.g. the colosseum in Rome) are stunning. Teleportation is visualised like Nightcrawler from the X-Men, a bang with a puff of smoke. But this power is too much for a human to behold, so jumpers have to be exterminated like vermin by religious fanatic Samuel L. Jackson. Wait, there’s also a girl involved. Milli (Rachel Bilson) is skinny eyecandy, but just hangs in there, to compensate for all the guys and muscle and flowing testosterone.

Sure, it’s enjoyable, but I would recommend to wait for the DVD (or visit some Swedish pirates).

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  1. Agree, Jannes. Kind of you to ‘forget’ to mention the weak script and crappy internal logic. On a not entirely unrelated note, I found out that the actor who does ‘Griffin’ in this flick is the same guy that did the title role in ‘Billy Elliott’ a few years back. Dried up well, I says. :)

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