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I saw Planet Terror recently, the second part in the Grindhouse marriage. This one is directed by Robert Rodriguez, also known for El Mariachi and Desperado.

Let’s start with zombies and blood, both are richly abundant in this movie. I didn’t know, had I known I probably wouldn’t have gone there with a girl. But even after strong warnings she still wanted to go. Maybe that says something for me…

Back to the movie. Planet Terror is preceded by a fake trailer: Machete. Three minutes of swearing, nudity and explicit/excessive violence. Boy! If they ever make an entire movie of it count me in. From there on it’s zombies all over. Some military experiment transforms people into flesh eating zombies, spreading panic all over the country. A small group, including Cherry Darling (Rose McGowan) doesn’t get infected by the virus and organizes some resistance. Imagine very gory details (testicle-collecting scientists anyone?) now and multiply it by some large factor. That should get the main part of the movie across.

What can I say? Rose McGowan stars as one of the toughest babes ever to hit the screen. The image of her with a machine gun instead of her missing leg is iconic. Furthermore, the movie contains sequences so insanely violent they make Desperado or Kill Bill look like children’s flicks. It’s very good fun, but only if you’re into the genre.

Rose McGowan - iconic

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  1. …had I known…

    The first Rodriguez movie I saw was From Dusk Till Dawn in the sneak preview. Before the break a nice crime/road movie. After the break we checked a little bewilderedly if we were in the right theatre…

    Next time, Jannes ;-)

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