Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Hi all

I’ve seen Hellboy 2 three times now, and I guess it’s time to write down how I feel about it. I like the whole Hellboy package, movies, comics, and if I were young enough action figures probably too.

So what is it? Guillermo del Toro, a longtime fan of the comic and its creator Mike Mignola, directed the first episode in 2004. In this sequel he proves again he’s able to deliver a brilliant mix of real and unreal. Hellboy is definitely his labor of love. A lot of effort is put into design work, great use of costumes and cgi working together. Ron Perlman stars again as the horned, cigar-chomping demonic anti-hero. He works for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, and this time he and his colleagues/friends have to cope with rebellious creatures from the mythical world. I know I’ve just discarded all credibility and realism, but I go to the movies for a good time, to escape daily life for a moment.

Del Toro has already hinted about a third episode. Please please, pretty please? And a fourth one too, if that’s okay with you.