Iron Man

Hi all

It’s likely that my next couple of movie reviews will cover superheroes, they were abundant this summer. I’ll start with Iron Man. Iron Man is a film adaptation of the Marvel comic, like Spiderman or Fantastic Four. But where Spiderman disappointed me and FF is entertaining at best, memories from Iron Man still bring a faint smile to my face even after a couple of weeks. 

Bad boy Robert Downey, Jr is simply wonderful as the wealthy playboy Tony Stark, imbuing the character with humor, charisma and moral strength. Though that moral part had to be activated by a hostage situation, where he had to design weapons for Afghani terrorists (where have I heard that before?). He builds an advanced exoskeleton suit and becomes a merchant of death to evildoers around the world.

The movie is absolutely a blatant display of advanced technology, engineering and flawless special effects. And if you look a bit deeper there is a hint of criticism about America’s weapons industry. Director John Favreau is able to serve the whole as a solid and consistently entertaining film.

Iron Man

And the hidden scene after the credits definitely leaves me hungry.