Rock Werchter 2008

Hi all

Up to today I couldn’t get my hands on pictures from Rock Werchter 2008, so my review got delayed a couple of weeks. This year Dennis and I enhanced our party with two cute blondes. Hurray! *Waving to Dees and Sietske*

Lenny Kravitz. With a magic smile he turned a big part of the audience (and I’m not sure it’s all female) into jello. He gave away a very solid set, to me he was the surprise of the festival.

Slayer. I had high hopes here. Drums were nice, guitars were very alive and present. But vocalist Tom Araya is just too much… noise. Maybe that’s what trashmetal is all about, but I had hoped for at least partly understandable lyrics. To Dees it didn’t matter, she fell asleep in the sun.
Neil Young. Legend? He was nice and entertaining (and don’t forget old), but I could not connect. I heard some rumors that he was the most expensive act at the festival. Well, I’d trade him away any day, e.g. something like Rage Against The Machine. (I heard they rocked at the PinkPop festival.)

Editors. Dennis took me there last year, and now I was first to say we had to go there. Nice. Both albums are very favourite on my portable music player.
Sigur Ros. I guess nobody could understand a single word from the Icelandic lyrics, but you didn’t need to. They created a very fragile and ethereal atmosphere where 60,000 festivalees where listening and watching in awe.
Radiohead. Big. Solid. Super. They played a lot of songs from their most recent album “In Rainbows”, embedded in a beautiful lightshow.

The Raconteurs. Dennis was ecstatic after their set. Sure, sure, they were very good and entertaining, but I am not familiar with their albums (yet).
dEUS. New and partly improved. Tom Barman (vocalist) is one of the last original members, but dEUS still exists. I love them for their early works, “Worst Case Scenario” and “In A Bar Under The Sea”. Their recent work lacks some of the genius and experimental stuff, but I’d buy any album without listening.