They’re more than meets the eye

Hi all

I saw the Transformers movie a couple of days ago and it was true robotpornography, very explicit, ultraslick and completely over the top. Michael Bay directed it and Spielberg has had a hand in it too, but you can check IMDB for specific details.

I guess if you put together your thumb and indexfinger, the plot of the movie can probably fit in between. But I didn’t go there for the story. No, I went to get blown away by seeing large robots fight eachother. And that’s what happened. The visual aspect of the movie was overwhelming. Forget about dialogues or realism, it’s eyecandy, the whole eyecandy and nothing but eyecandy.

I was a bit disappointed Bumblebee wasn’t cast as a Beetle but as a Camaro. The joke when the Camaro hit the beat Beetle really pushed my nerves. And what is it with militant robot soldiers that don’t have any patience whatsoever? It led to a ridiculous hide ‘n seek game at the Witwicky house. And where was Soundwave? I sure hope he makes his appearance in a sequel.

Finally, though how appealing it may be, nerdy guys don’t get world class babes. But one can pray.