Spiderman 3

Hi all

I saw Spiderman 3 last week.

Lets just say it wasn’t what I had hoped for. Sure, the special effects were fantastic. The spectacular action did make my blood rush. Ticklish feelings whenever Kirsten Dunst was in sight. But it kinda disappointed overall. Venom used to be one of my favorite villains in the comic books, but a team up with Sandman is just so unreal. I cannot agree that two baddies become friends instantly.

The movie felt so terribly convoluted, coherence and plot were taking a stroll, I guess. I wasn’t sure whether I was watching a comedy, a drama, or a purposefully ridiculous B movie. Almost 90% of the film consists of Peter Parker walking around, crying, and making a fool of himself in various over-the-top ways. I hope the next Spiderman movie will be grim again. Dark, with an under-the-skin tension. And a little bit less patriotism, please!