Aroused by asparagus

Hi all

It’s the time of the year. Time for the white gold called asparagus.


Here’s my little experiment:
Take approx. 4-5 large asparagus per person. Boil them for 2 minutes in a little water and some white wine. Prepare a roux from dairy butter and a little flour and add the liquid you obtained from cooking the asparagus. Keep stirring until smooth (you got yourself a buttersauce now). Pour the sauce over the asparagus and sprinkle emmental cheese (piquant, but not really sharp taste) on top. Put it all in a hot furnace for about 10 minutes, until the emmental colours golden brown.

Prepare small potatoes, hardboiled eggs and/or ham rolls as side delicacies. All flavours combine so well together, just writing this makes my mouth water. You can even surprise your guests by serving the eggs with an anchovy fillet on top. It’s a combination made in heaven.