Peter-Paul & Anne

Hi all

Drumroll please! Here they are: the newlyweds.

Peter-Paul and Anne arranged their wedding (April 6th, 2007) in the old city hall in The Hague, a beautiful serene place. It seemed as if everybody there was holding his/her breath, all listening to the speech in Dutch and German. There was definitely magic in the air when they said “Yes” to eachother.

Party time! We went to a lounge bar in the vicinity. It was a well catered event, starting with champagne and then unlimited amounts of wine and beer. All accompanied with small dishes, ranging from blue cheese with pear to excellent carpaccio to deepfried delicacies. Mix that with warm music and lovely people (some of them singing German songs) and you got yourself a super party. If I ever get married, I want to throw a party like they did.