Hi all

It was so funny, one of my latest posts contained the word “threesome” and suddenly I had an increase in visitors searching my pages for it. They must have been very disappointed. @Those visitors: there’s plenty to find out there (but I’ll see what I can do for you).

Today I’d like to tell you about my first time. Playing poker I mean. I spent a rainy Sunday afternoon on one of the bigger pokersites, under supervision of course. I’m not hooked (yet), but now I understand how people can completely lose themselves. The thrill, the excitement, the need to win, I saw it all.

Here’s my small idiot’s guide to poker:
The majority of people playing poker online are just gibbering fools, they have no clue about statistics or strength of hand.
Patience, patience, and some more patience. You have to wait for good cards and shouldn’t try to win hands on bluff or luck. You have to have the longest breath.

Next time poker will be a live event with friends. I want to see the bluff parameter. Playing online means you cannot see the tiny twitches in the corners of your opponents eyes, inhale the sweaty smell of fear or feel any of the vibrations at the table. I know I’m not that difficult to read, but I’m very susceptible to vibes. That, my knowledge of statistics and the patient person I am will not make me a huge pokerplayer, but I think I can be a dangerous opponent. Maybe playing poker will increase some of my skills as a bridge player.