Reliving the crusade

Hi all

Yesterday “Kruistocht in “Spijkerbroek” opened in Dutch theatres. I guess the international title must be something like “Crusade in Jeans”, based upon the book by Thea Beckman, probably familiar to every Dutch boy and girl. The first time I read the book I must have been something like 10 years old and I loved every bit of it. I remember devouring all books by Thea, but “Kruistocht..” and “De gouden Dolk” I have very fond memories of.

So what about the movie? Well… well.. it’s fair. The storyline is fairly true to the book, but American money has been injected into the project, and it shows! There is this absurd 20-second shot of a Mars candy bar, Nike makes an appearance and so does Google Earth (wtf?).

Reliving the book and resurfacing memories played bigger roles in the wonderful evening we spent together than the movie itself. So that’s what I would recommend: read the book, then go enjoy the movie and fill in the gaps with memories and fantasies.

Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek

@Claudia: Thanks for the wonderful evening, taking me there was a heartwarming present.